Glow Necessities Story and Philosophy

Our Quest for Excellence

Back in 2018, our journey began as a small online curator of non-irritating skincare products to cater the needs of various skin concerns. From the very start, we came with only one goal in mind: to take the best care of your skin whether from using the products that we sell or someone else's, now or in the long-term.

Dissatisfied with all the compromises of the lotions-and-potions created by the local industry to meet our standards of efficacy and precision, we finally decided to create one—thus, Glow Necessities Skincare was born: a skincare line driven to keep you beautifully balanced and improves quality of life through confidence with your best skin possible.

You Deserve Good SkinJust for Being You

We formulate skincare with our skin's long-term health in mind; not our noses, nor for the sake of mere sensory experience.

We only use ingredients proven by published studies as beneficial to maintain skin's integrity or ingredients necessary to maintain the stability of the formulation, whether they are synthetic or naturally-derived.

We Obsess, So You Don’t Have To

Just like the food we eat to nourish and sustain our body, we never rely on one "star" ingredient to do the job—the same principles apply on how we treat our skin to give back what it needs.

All products are developed with an assortment of skin-loving antioxidants, bio-actives and replenishing ingredients in appropriate pH-levels and adequate amount to ensure optimal efficacy and support skin health.

On Your Skin's Side, From Day One

Our formulation ethos has always been (and will always be) to make skincare products that inclusively cater as many skin types as possible, no matter the age, race, skin tone, or gender.

We avoid ingredients ubiquitously found in skincare products that are proven to pose more risks of exacerbating inflammation, dehydrating skin barrier, or aggravating pre-existing skin conditions—especially on sensitive skin—such as:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate, "bar soap", drying surfactants, soap-like surfactants
  • high concentrations of drying alcohols (alcohol denat, ethanol, ethyl alcohol, SD alcohol, isopropyl alcohol)
  • astringents and counter-irritants: witch hazel, menthol, menthyl lactate, camphor, mints, sulfur
  • fragrance, essential oils, masking agents
  • harsh abrasive scrubs
  • methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone
  • formaldehydes, dyes, phntalates

Enjoy 30-days satisfaction guarantee. We only want you to find your best possible skincare routine.

Better Packaging & Responsible Sourcing

Minimalist, light-and-air-tight containers that ensure product efficacy and stability.

Each product is formulated and produced in BPOM-Certified & GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-Compliance facilities in Indonesia, using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Commited to Test Without Harm

No animal testing: GN's team wear test all the products during development stage as meticulous as humanly possible.